Your Apartment

in Marbella

For hours, nights or full days

Exclusive, optimal, comfortable

A comfortable space in an excellent place

Flexible rental

Hourly, temporary, for private encounters or meetings

Affordable prices

With free drink and WiFi

Discretion, confidence and time flexibility

Instant confirmation

You don't have to wait, we confirm your reservation at the moment

Privacy Guaranteed

No identification or bank card required

Free WiFi

Instant reservation without identification or bank card

Excellent location

Easy access to the beach

Free WiFi

Privacy Guaranteed

Its most relevant characteristics:

Easy access and very well connected, easy parking. Less than 10 minutes from Marbella.

Residential complex with garden and swimming pool.

Kitchen equipped with refrigerator provided with ice and multiple drinks included in the price of the rent by hours. (Free drinks).

Full bathrooms.

Free WiFi Internet connection.

By hours, nights or days


- For 2 peoples:

1 hour


2 hours


3 hours


4 hours


5 hours


6 hours


12 hours


How to reserve?

Contact us to make the reservation.

By telephone: 644 321 307 (instant booking, from 9 am to 11 pm).

By email: (we'll get back to you within 24 hours)

We welcome you at the apartment at the reserved time.

Pay the corresponding amount in cash to the time booked and enjoy your time in Apartamento por Horas Marbella.

Ten minutes after the end of your booking the cleaning service passes to prepare the facilities for the next booking.

If you are unable to arrive at your booked time for any reason, please let us know. Please be punctual.

Your place, your moment...

Do you have doubts?

Call us at 644 321 307 or send an email to and we will answer you in the next 24 hours.